Professor M. Kogamov took the part in a roundtable discussion

In September 2016 Professor M. Kogamov, LL.D., Director of the Research Institute of criminal procedure research and counteraction to corruption of KAZGUU University took part in a roundtable discussion on the theme “Respect for the rights of persons held in detention center and a special receiver of Astana DIA, to personal liberty, access to qualified legal assistance, the right to a meeting”, which was held in the hotel Grand Park Esil, Astana.

Kogamov moderated the event and also made a presentation on the topic: “Recommendations according to the results of analysis of legislation of RK on the rights of persons detained in special receivers and reception centers, to liberty and personal security, access to a lawyer, the right to a meeting”.

The link has the full text of his speech and the individual photo fragments of this event.