International Research Conference

On 15 February 2017, KAZGUU University hosted an international research conference “Building a strong state of law in the 21st century: national and international experience”, organised by KAZGUU Research Institute of Legal Policy and Constitutional Law.

The opening speech was given by prof. Sergey Fyodorovich Udartsev, DJS, director of KAZGUU RI of Legal Policy and Constitutional Law; and Miras Mukhtarovich, PhD, deputy Chairman of KAZGUU Board and director of the S. Zimanov Academy of Fundamental and Applied Sciences.

At the end of the conference, participants asked a lot of questions and offered their suggestions.  Particularly noteworthy statements were made by Z. G. Kalisheva, CJS, acting head of the Department of State-Legal Disciplines; and E. L. Babadzhanyan, a PhD student and senior lecturer at the Department of Civil and Civil-Prcedural Law.