The rules of the library in  “KAZGUU University” is developed in accordance with the library regulations of  “KAZGUU University”.

The rules regulate the General order of service organization of

library users, their rights and obligations.

General rules of the library use.1. All categories of readers (students of all forms of education, undergraduates, doctoral students, teaching staff, University staff) have the right to use the library 2. The main types of library and information services are provided free of charge. Additional (paid) information and library services are provided on the basis of checklists and fee schedules approved by the Chairman of the Board of “KAZHGUU University” in agreement with the authorized structural unit.3. Delivery of the literature for a long term use (at home)is made on the Subscription. The last or the only copy shall not be extradited.

4. The use of literature in specialized centers of the service of readers is carried out in the “reading room”, i.e. without the right of taking out  the publications (taking books   home is forbidden).

  1. Entry of users to the library is carried out on giving the document, proving the identity of the user to the organization: for students – student ID, faculty, staff and other categories of readers –employment certificate , ID card and one photo size 3*4 cm.
  2. The reader is given a single library card for the right to use the library and the library form is filled in. When registering to the library users get acquainted with the Rules of library use and confirm their obligation about fulfillment with the  signature in the reader form.


7. The validity of the library card is within one academic year. Every year the library  registers re-users with all registered presentation of their literature in the installed terms and the extension of the library card by the library. Users who do not reregister  are not serviced by the library.8. While leaving the University the readers should return to the library  registered literature and library cards.9. Users who violate the terms of use or causing the damage to the library have material, administrative liability under the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, regulatory documents of  “KAZGUU University” and the Rules of the library.10. Users are responsible for the loss or damage of publications, replacing them with the same publications or editions recognized equivalent by library, and at impossibility of replacement compensate their real cost.

2. The rules of subscription use1. On the Subscription literature is given on the following dates:- educational and methodical literature is given for a period of study of the discipline with the compulsory re-registration within the prescribed period;- scientific and special literature is given for 10 days up to 3 books;- the artistic literature is no more than 10 days in the amount of 1-2 books;At the same time the reader can take the following number of books:

1) teaching staff – up to 10 units;

2) research officers – up to 5 units;

3) students: master and doctoral students – up to 5 units;

4) students: undergraduate – up to 5 units, with the exception of textbooks;

5) employees of the University and its organizations – up to 5 units.

  1. The term may be extended if the literature is not demanded by the user or it is contracted if editions are available in one copy or in high demand.
  2. User signs on the reader or book form for each copy of the taken edition. While returning books the user’s signature is replaced by the librarian signature.
  3. Part-time students with the application of remote educational technologies are provided with the necessary literature in the inter-sessional and sessional period.
  4. Literature for use in group classes is given for

the subscription upon written  request of the teacher, and registered in

in the journal on receipt of the duty  student of the  group.

The teacher is responsible for literature, received for seminars.

  1. It is prohibited to give library literature to third persons.

3. Rules of using reading rooms1. Books in the reading room are given by a single library card.2. Giving books is registered by reader’s receipt in the book form of each edition. The library  controls the timely return of the literature.3. Articles from journals, collections of scientific works, abstracts, materials of printed editions (in compliance with copyright and related rights)can be copied . Photocopies of dissertations are prohibited (photographing individual parts of the thesis is possible).4. It is not allowed to enter the reading room with personal books and books from the library and other printed materials.5. It is forbidden to take literature out from the reading room.

4. Rules for use of electronic resources room (library)1. The library provides an access to educational and pedagogical information with the use of methods of the information-bibliographic service, innovative tools and technologies  to all categories of readers for their independent and self-education.2. In the computer area the access for users to hardware – personal computers is provided. Computer area is designed to work with the Fund of audiovisual documents (electronic media).3. In the area of computer users are serviced in the reading room mode.

4. It is allowed the work at  a personal computer with no more than two people simultaneously.5. Do not use private electronic media.6. The user must contact the staff in the library to find information in the Internet; it is forbidden to address to resources online that involves payment.7. Switching on and off  computers is done only by an employee of the library.8. Inappropriate use of computers (social networks, etc.)is prohibited. Access is provided for educational purposes only. 9. It is forbidden to leave working computers without supervision  , open the power supplies of the computer and peripheral devices,  the monitor.

10. It is prohibited any interference with the installed software, including its specific settings.

  1. Users are obliged to prevent the penetration of foreign objects, liquids and bulk materials into the computer.
  2. Users are obliged to observe Instructions on safety and fire protection work in the hall of electronic library resources.
  1. Rights and obligations of the reader
  2. Readers have the right to:

– to use the main types of library and information services provided by the library free;

-to receive the Advisory help in search and selection of information sources;

– to use the data of the electronic catalog, the Internet and other information services if  the library electronic equipment is available;

– to participate in public councils, clubs at the library.


2. Readers are obliged to:

–  present a library card and sign for each publication in the book and reader form to use books;

– take care of the books, other printed papers, other materials, do not any  marks in them, do not  tear and not bend the pages, not to spoil the surface of the media bearers;

–  prevent damage of library, computer equipment or other equipment in the library, carefully take care of the furniture in the library;

– return the received library edition in the proper time;

– cares for a reader ticket, not to give the library card to another person;

– look through  library materials carefully and in case of detection of any defects  inform the employee of the library, otherwise the last reader who used the material is responsible for damage ;

– students at the University return to the library all the materials registered in the name of the reader at the end of the academic year and graduating the University (expulsion, academic leave);

– not to enter the library in upper clothing;

– do not enter the reading room with bags;

– do not bring food, drinks, animals;


– be quiet, clean and tidy;

– notify the library staff about changes in their contact details;

– remove the card from card indexes and catalogs;

– enter  offices and libraries without permission.

  1. The responsibility of the readers:

– readers who have caused damage to the library, shall have material and other responsibility in accordance with legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

– in case of loss and damage of books and other printed matter and other materials from the library, the reader must replace them with the same materials;

– if replacement of lost and damaged books, other printed materials is impossible, the reader shall compensate their market cost;

– if the reader refuse to compensate the loss, the administration of the library takes appropriate measures for compensation of damage;

– if the reader does not return library materials after three reminders, he will not have the right to use the library;

– for the unauthorized removal of literature from the library the reader is deprived of the right to use the library for 2 (two) months;

– for violation of these rules, readers may be denied the right to use the library for a period of 3 (three) months.

  1. The rights and obligations of the library
  2. The library serves the users in accordance with library regulations of “KAZGUU University” and the library’s Rules of “KAZGUU University”.
  3. The library has the right:

– to demand from readers to follow the provisions of these Rules;

– to deprive the reader the right to borrow library materials if library material is not returned in time;

– in case of repeated infringements of these Rules, the library administration has the right to deprive the readers of the right to use the library.

– to carry out continuous monitoring of the return of the library books to eliminate debt of the literature and fund storage;

– to apply disciplinary/penal sanctions to users who  violate the Rules of the library ;

– to recover from the users the actual market value of lost or damaged media, and in the case of persistent refusal to compensate lost or damaged publications to refer to the head of the relevant structural units of the University, the management of  “KAZGUU University” in order to recover their real market value in 10 times  from the reader .

  1. The library must:

–  ensure the high-information-bibliographic service of users;

–  provide the opportunity to use all the funds of the library;

– carry out appropriate view while giving library materials to readers to detect any defects and mark accordingly when they are found on the given   or received literature from the reader;- to introduce  these rules to the reader  during registration;- to control the return of the given literature to the library;-  notify readers by email or by phone about returning the library materials to the library after the expiry of the period of use in time;- to use and store the information about the reader in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on personal data and their protection;


– to improve the library and information-bibliographic service of readers.- be guided in one’s  activities by the principles of humanism, democracy, political and ideological pluralism;- to provide  the opportunity to use the library funds to the reader; the library should provide a photocopy of the required educational material in the lack of necessary literature;- to inform users about all types of provided services;- to popularize its collections and services, to promote and encourage interest in books, to take measures to attract all students and staff to the library;- to explore information needs and  meet the reader’s requests;

– to improve library and information services and the promotion of books, using for this purpose various forms of individual and mass work with the readers, as well as introducing the automation of library processes and advanced technology;- to promote the culture of reading, library and bibliographic literacy of readers through oral consultations, talks and lessons on the basics of bibliographic knowledge;- to carry out accounting, storage and use  in the collection of publications in accordance with established rules;- be responsible for the safety of the funds: to  control  the timely return of borrowed books to the library , to carry out another issue of books to the reader at home only after receiving a previously borrowed books, which period of use has expired;

– to inform the user about the necessity of the return to the library in 3 days after the expiration of the term of the use of books. The library sends the user a written/oral request about their refund or replacement within one month equivalent in content and cost if books are not returned to the library within the prescribed period. The demand must include a warning if the reader does not return the literature the user will be charged the value of literature in a 10-fold size.

– The library sends the claim to recover from the student or staff member of the University cost of lost or damaged books tenfold to the appropriate structural unit of the University if  the user does not eliminate the debt of the literature from the library fund during the specified period.- the administration of the library has the right to make changes and additions to these Rules.