Since October 2016, KAZGUU University jointly with Key Forensic Services Ltd (KFS), King’s College London (KCL), QPA Strategies Ltd. (QPA) and Astana Garant Consulting (AGC) has launched a project of the World Bank and the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Strengthening Forensic Examination”.

Project consists 3 following components:

A component: “Development and piloting of forensic activities effectiveness’ indicators.

As part of this component, in the context of international experience it is planned to study practice of conducting forensic and medical examinations in the Republic of Kazakhstan, to develop indicators of forensic activities effectiveness, to develop a User Guide on performance indicators for forensic activities, and to organize and conduct a number of international conferences on forensic-expert activity. Watch the presentation.

B component: “Modernization of legal and institutional framework of forensic expertise”

Results of this Component will be presented as proposals for supplementing the draft law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Forensic Expert Activities”. Watch the presentation.

C component: “Advanced trainings for expert staff”

During implementation of this component, training courses will be organized for local experts at foreign universities and expert institutions. Watch the presentation.

The “Strengthening forensics expertise” project is designed for two years length and will last until December 2018.

The KAZGUU University’s project support group consists of:

Full name Position Contact details
1 Mr. Miras M. Daulenov Deputy Chair of the Board

+7 (7172) 70-28-12

Ext. 1003

2 Mr. Galymzhan B. Kudaybergenov Dear Chair of the Board

+7 (7172) 70-30-09

Ext. 1014

3 Mr. Kaliolla K. Seitenov Director of the Institute of forensic expertise

+7 (7172) 70-28-62

Ext. 1191

4 Mr. Sergey G. Pen Director of the Law School

+ (7172) 70-30-38

Ext. 1078

5 Ms. Olga S. Bektibayeva Vice-dean for Academic affairs of the Law School

+(7172) 70-30-45

6 Mr. Galymzhan Makhmetzhanov Director of the Institute of Social economic research, QIDS

Project news:

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