The project focuses on healthy childhood and its relationship with the parents’ socioeconomic status outcomes such as education or earnings and the long-lasting effects of healthy childhood.

The project will be carried out in Qazaq Institute of Development Studies (QIDS) and the Principal in-vestigator is Galym Makhmejanov, PhD in Economics, Toulouse School of Economics, France. Research inter-ests: economic demography and social insurance reforms, etc. The research team is composed by two national researchers and two foreign researchers, Manuel Flores from the OECD and Yolanda Pena-Boquete from AYeco-nomics, with a long experience in the topic.

This project aims to show a clear picture of the recent evolution of childhood health in Kazakhstan. We try to identify how much of these changes were due to policy changes and how much to changes in families’ behavior. Additionally, the project aims also shed light on the origins and evolution of inequalities in health and socioeconomic status (SES), which will help to recommend policies to ensure that progress can be made in reducing inequities in health and SES. Finally, we quantify the long-lasting effect of healthy childhood, focus-ing on the famines suffered in Kazakhstan.