A meeting of the Astana Chamber of Legal Advisers was held at the University on February 27, 2019, where Mr. Sergey Pen, the Director of the Law School presented National Lawyer Certification Program (further – NLCP).

The main idea of ​​the Certification program is aimed at stimulating professional development of legal personnel, securing standards of legal qualification as access to the legal profession and mutual strengthening of guarantees for a quality of Legal services.

NLCP is based on principles of voluntariness, independence, competitiveness and objectivity.

Program’s proposed methodology includes a Three-tier system based on a criteria for assessing necessary qualifications at an appropriate certification level for participants in the Legal services market:

Level 1 (L) –
NLCP Lawyer – Bachelor in Law and students, admitted to a final certification

Level 2 (SL)
NLCP Skilled Lawyer – LLM or minimum 1 year of work experience

Level 3 (E)
NLCP Expert

Each level of the Program includes tests that will be evaluated by a Certification Commission with inclusion of lawyers, practitioners and experts, which will ensure transparency and objectivity of lawyers certification.

It was proposed to create, based on the NLCP standards a Lawyers Certification Center

The idea of ​​lawyers certification was supported by the “Association of Chambers of Legal Advisers,” whose representatives participated in the Meeting and also members of the Chamber of Legal Consultants of Astana.

Introduction of this Institute of certification of lawyers in Kazakhstan will correspond to the World practice of Lawyers community.