165486Full-text database “ZAN – Zakon” is developed by RSE “Republican center of legal information” of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It contains more than 321785 documents. Database of “ZAN – LAW” includes legislative and regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Kazakh and Russian languages. The database comes only from official sources to ensure the exceptional accuracy of legal material. The database is equipped with dictionaries: encyclopedic law dictionary, the dictionary of legal terms from the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Kazakh and Russian languages by referring to the texts of these laws in the Database. There are the regional programmes, decisions, resolutions of local authorities in the regions of Kazakhstan. There is the possibility of simultaneous viewing in two-window mode of the text in the State and Russian languageswhile working with a document.

133BESTPROFI information system includes a database of legislation and legal literature, database of on-line consultations, and alsothe base of “Judicial acts” and more than 50 journals with archives. IPvolumeconsistsof 5 000 000 documents.

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