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The new ‘Law and State’ journal No. 3 (84) 2019 has been issued

The Journal’s Content:


Mukhametov A.F. (Nur-Sultan) The Fight against Corruption: Perception, Rating, Experience.

Success or Failure? p. 4.

Sayapin S. (Almaty) «Critical Analysis, Strict Discipline and Personal Responsibility»: Some Reflections on Strengthening the Independence of Judiciary in Central Asia. p. 18.

Beysenbin K.A. (Smolensk) Corruption in the Public Administration System: Problems of

Counteraction, Historical and Foreign Experience. p. 28.


Ponkin I.V. (Russia, Moscow) The Concept of the Deep State. p. 43.


Makhmejanov G.N., Amantaikyzy A., Zhumasheva M. (Nur-Sultan) Healthcare Regulation in

Kazakhstan: Challenges to Indicative Planning. p. 61.


Uvarov V.N., Uvarova-Patenko N.V. (Almaty) Management Modernization in the Law

Enforcement System of the Republic of Kazakhstan. p. 76.


Cherkasov A.I. (Russia, Moscow) Universalization of the Local Governance in the Modern World

Countries: Main Trends. p. 87.

Kaudyrov T.E., Shakenov M.A. (Nur-Sultan) On the Issue of the Common Law in the French

Justice System. p. 99.


Biyebayeva A.A. (Nur-Sultan), Kalguzhinova A.M. (Karaganda) Exemption from Criminal Liability

and its Connection with the Related Institutions of Criminal Law. p. 117.


Kim K.V. (Nur-Sultan) Apprehension of pre-trial criminal proceedings. p. 131.

CONTENTS p. 146.


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The “Law and the State” Journal was presented at the University’s Library.

On October 24, 2018 Mr. S. Udartsev, the Chief editor of the journal “Law and the State”, Doctor of Law, has presented latest issues of the Journal to Master and PhD students. The presentation was organized by suggestion and support of the M. Narikbayev Library.

During the Presentation Mr. Udartsev thoroughly told about interesting articles and it’s authors and Mr. V. Malinowski, professor, Doctor of Law, Member of the Constitutional Council of Kazakhstan also has had a speech.

In addition, books issued lately also were presented.

The seminar of the Erasmus + program for Central Asian universities was held on October 8-9, 2018 in Istanbul

The seminar of the Erasmus + program for the universities of Central Asia – Erasmus + Contact Seminar with Central Asia was held on October 8-9, 2018 in Istanbul (Turkey). The key goal of the Seminar was to establish contacts between universities of the program countries (Europe) and universities of the partner countries (Central Asia) to collaborate and jointly participate in the “Capacity Building in Higher Education” and “International Credit Mobility” components of the Erasmus + program.

The Workshop gathered a large number of participants – 274 representatives of universities, national agencies and offices of Erasmus + from Europe, Central Asia, as well as from Afghanistan and Russia.

The Kazakhstan delegation was represented by 39 universities. M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University was represented by Ms. R. Mukhamedzhanova, the senior teacher of the Department of Management and Tourism.

On the first day of the Seminar, representatives of the European Commission spoke about the results of the implementation of the Erasmus + Program in 2014-2017, presented innovations introduced since 2019, and highlighted the main aspects of improving the evaluation of project proposals and improving its quality.

On the 2nd day of the event, networking sessions and seminars were organized with the aim of contribution to an establishment of contacts between universities. During the sessions each university had an opportunity to present its materials and find potential partners. Also it gave participants valuable experience in developing and realization successful projects and ICM programs.

Organization of such joint seminars significantly increases the efficiency of the Erasmus + Program, increases the involvement of the participating countries, improves knowledge and serves as a platform for an exchange of experience between partner countries and program countries, the Seminar organizers emphasized.

M.S. Narikbayev KAZGUU University enters the Hong Kong educational market

M.S. Narikbayev KAZGUU University has welcomed a Chinese delegation headed by the vice-chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Leung Chun-ying.
Leung Chun-ying is one of the most influential politicians in China, who served as the head of Hong Kong’s administration from 2012 to 2017. He has also held the positions of council chairman of Lingnan University, and chairman and member of the council of the City University of Hong Kong.

During the visit, the delegation learned about the approaches KAZGUU University takes in the development and implementation of Major and Minor educational programmes in Law, International Law, Finance, Economics, Management, Translation Studies, and other areas. The delegation has expressed particular interest in the professional certification programmes, which are available to the students of the University.

Law Society of Hong Kong’s supports M.S. Narikbayev KAZGUU University’s initiatives

Representatives of the Law Society of Hong Kong, including the Vice President Amirali Nasir, former President Michael Lintern-Smith, and Assistant Director for Communications and External Affairs Sylvia Tsui visited M.S. Narikbaev KAZGUU University on 4 July 2018.
The Law Society of Hong Kong was founded in 1907 and is a professional association of over 10,750 lawyers and legal advisers, as well as over 890 law firms. The organisation develops and promotes professional standards for practicing lawyers and monitors the work of lawyers and legal advisers.
The Society closely watches the formation of the Astana International Financial Centre and training a new generation of lawyers who will work at the Centre. In this regard, Tolegen Ismailov, the Consul General of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Hong Kong, has proposed the visit of the delegation from the Society to KAZGUU University.
As part of the visit, the delegation learned about the activities and initiatives of KAZGUU University. The Society has expressed their support of the University’s initiatives in developing a Minor programme in English law, and its contribution to the reform of the forensic system within the joint project of the World Bank and the Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Justice KZJSISP / QCBS-06. In addition, the Society expressed interest in the University’s research project titled “AIFC Court: Jurisdiction, Applicable Law and Conflict of Laws”. The community also supports the initiative of the University to create a national system of lawyers’ certification NLCP.
Following the visit, the representatives of the Society and KAZGUU University have reached an agreement regarding the promotion of the University’s initiatives among the members of the Society and in Kazakhstan.

KAZGUU University professor serves as a UN expert

From 13 to 15 June 2018, Professor M. Kogamov, Doctor of Law, Head of a research project on Criminal Justice and Scientific Expertise; and Signe Rotberg, Head of the UNODC Programme Office in Astana and Regional Adviser on HIV, visited Dushanbe, where they took part in a round table discussion on the experiences of treating drug addicts in Tajikistan, including the treatment of drug addicts in penitentiary institutions with the use of methadone. In addition, the round table discussed positive experiences of Ukraine’s Poltava region of systemic and complex treatment of drug addicts, which was studied by a delegation of non-governmental organisations and state bodies of Tajikistan.

Professor Kogamov served as an expert on behalf of the UN Office in Kazakhstan. He reported on the results of a study of Tajikistan’s current legislation regarding the identifying and assigning drug addicts to the country’s medical and social institutions and made recommendations on how to improve the relevant legislation and its implementation.

International Conference on Constitutional Principles in Criminal Justice

On 25 May 2018 L.N. Gumilyov ENU hosted the International Scientific and Practical Conference “The Topical Issues of the Development of Legislation in the Light of the Implementation of the Constitutional Principles in Criminal Justice”. The conference was dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Doctor of Law, Professor Kuanysh Zhetpisovich Baltabayev.
On behalf of the M.S. Narikbayev KAZGUU University and the rector of the University T.M. Narikbaev, the head of the Department of Criminal, Criminal-Executive Law and Criminology Candidate of Law A.M. Serikbaev, and Doctor of Law, Prof. S.F. Udartsev congratulated Professor Baltayev.
At the plenary session of the conference, by Doctor of Law, Prof. M.C. Kogamov made a presentation. The section titled “Topical issues of improving legislation and law enforcement” was also attended by teachers of the M.S. Narikbaev KAZGUU University, including Doctor of Law, Prof. R.T. Nurtayev; Candidate of Law, Assoc. Prof. A.A. Biyebaeva; Candidate of Law, Prof. K.W. Kim; Candidate of Law, Assoc. Prof. O.A. Wozniak; Candidate of Law, Assoc. Prof. D.A. Fink; and PhD student M.K. Zhurunova.

Temirbekov Zhalgas Ramazanovich awarded a Degree of Doctor Of Philosophy (PhD)

Temirbekov Zhalgas Ramazanovich defended his doctoral dissertation titled “The concepts of the rule of law, supremacy of law, and the issues of building a strong state: International and Kazakhstani experience” (specialism 6D030100 – Jurisprudence) on 23 February 2018. The defence took place at the Dissertation Council of M. S. Narikbayev KAZGUU University, and was chaired by Doctor of Law, Professor Kaliolla Kabayevich Seitenov.

Research advisor: Udartsev Sergey Fyodorovich, Doctor of Law, Professor (specialism 12.00.01 – Theory and History of Law and State, History of Legal and Political Teachings). Astana, Kazakhstan.

The first publication of the Encyclopaedia of History of Legal Science of Kazakhstan that covers a 100-year period

Prominent legal scholars of Kazakhstan of the XX – the beginning of XXI centuries. Encyclopaedic reference. In three parts. Parts. 1-3 (separate books) / Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. KAZGUU University / Edited by Doctor of Law, prof. S.F. Udartsev. Astana: Printing house “Dame”; KAZGUU Consulting LLP, 2017.

Editorial Board: Doctor of Law, prof. Udartsev S.F. (Chairman); Doctor of Law, prof. V.M. Syrykh; Doctor of Law, prof. S.V. Tlepina; Candidate of Law, ass. prof. K.V. Kim; Master of Law, PhD candidate D.M. Kamatova

Part 1. A – D / Authors: Udartsev SF, Tlepina SV, Kim KV, Alimzhan K, Zinchenko VV, Dautbaeva-Mukhtarova AE, et al. Foreword: Rector of the KAZGUU University Narikbaev TM, Preface: Udartsev SF Index: Tlepina SV, Udartsev SF. Astana: LLP “Dame”; LLP “KAZGUU Consulting”, 2017. – 328 p .; 16 p. illustrated (photo gallery of legal scholars of Kazakhstan).

Part 2. Е – Н / Authors: Udartsev SF, Tlepina SV, Kim KV, Alimzhan K, Zinchenko VV, Dautbayeva-Mukhtarova AE, et al. Index: Tlepina SV, Udartsev SF. Astana: LLP “Dame”; LLP “KAZGUU Consulting”, 2017. – 350 p .; 19 p. illustrated (photo gallery of legal scholars of Kazakhstan).

Part 3. O – Ya / Authors: Udartsev SF, Tlepina SV, Kim KV, Alimzhan K, Syrykh VM, Zinchenko VV, Dautbaeva-Mukhtarova AE, et al. Index: Tlepina SV, Udartsev SF. Astana: LLP “Dame”; LLP “KAZGUU Consulting”, 2017. – 302 p .; 17 p. illustrated (photo gallery of legal scholars of Kazakhstan).

The Encyclopaedia is the first specialised interdisciplinary publication on the history of the legal science of Kazakhstan. It includes entries on legal scholars who have worked in the period from the beginning of the 20th century until the beginning of the 21st century (from the founders of the legal science of the Republic to the young legal scholars who are active now). The book consists of three parts.

The book contain brief biographical information about the scholars, descriptions of their main research areas and their contribution to science, as well as a bibliography of their main publications.

The book can be useful for researchers, teachers, undergraduate and graduate students of law faculties and universities; scholarly libraries; scientific, expert and analytical organisations; civil servants engaged in law-making; law firms; political scientists; historians; and all those interested in the history and trends of the development of the legal science.

The work was carried out at the KAZGUU University Institute of Legal Policy and Constitutional Law as part of the fundamental research project “Issues of history of legal science and the creation of an encyclopaedic bio-bibliographical reference book ‘Prominent legal scholars of Kazakhstan of the XX and early XXI centuries’ ” financed by the grant of the Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (No. 1887 / GF 4 for 2015-2017).

Conducting the Erasmus + Contact Workshop on October 8-9, 2018 in Istanbul, Turkey

M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University’s Project Office announces a start of a Competition for participation in the Erasmus + Contact Workshop on October 8-9 2018 in Istambul, Turkey

The Seminar is organized by the European Commission and oriented to the Central Asian countries.

More than 200 representatives of universities from 33 countries will take part in the Seminar which is aimed to improve cooperation and partnership between the universities.

The event will be devoted to all the international actions of Erasmus + with an emphasis on Capacity Building in Higher Education and International Credit Mobility projects. During the Plenary Sessions as well as networking participants will have a chance to set direct contacts with all interested universities-participants of the Program for further discussion of bilateral and multilateral cooperation.

The cost of participation, including travel, accommodation and meals will be paid by the European Commission.

Candidates should be well acquainted with the strategy and international activities of the university, have the authority to make decisions on the prospects for cooperation and be fluent in English; the event will be conducted without an interpretation.

To participate in this Seminar, please send an application on the attached form with a CV by May 30, 2018 to the following email

Selection Commission will be held on May 31 2018 and in regards to the English as a working language of the Seminar, participants must provide documents confirming their knowledge of English.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Project office on 8 (7172) 70 30 13, Room 614.

Jessup International Law Moot Court Team Recruiting Members for 2019 Competition

KAZGUU University is pleased to invite you to participate in the 2019 Philip C. Jessup International Moot Court Competition in Washington, D.C., U.S.
The application process consists of two stages:

Case resolution. This year’s topic is state responsibility for corporate environmental damage
Participation in a selection interview.

Applicants will be evaluated based on three main judging criteria: knowledge of international law, fluency in English, critical and analytical thinking.
The application process is open for 2-4-year undergraduates and master students specializing in law (Jurisprudence, International Law and Law Enforcement).
First tour will take place on
Monday May 28, 3 pm. Venue to be specified. Please confirm your participation by Sunday midnight by sending the following information to

Applicant’s name and surname;
Year of study;
Telephone number and email address.

Take your chance to compete with world’s leading universities for the title of the best specialists in international law!

Deputies have supported a project on forensic strengthening

During discussion of forensic expertise issues in the Majilis of the Parliament of Kazakhstan deputies has voiced their support to the Ministry of Justice in regards to their initiatives to reform forensic expertise system in Kazakhstan.

Mr. Beketayev, the Minister of Justice presenting current state and prospects for development of the forensic examination, was a key speaker on this issue. He highlighted activities of a joint project of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the World Bank – “Strengthening forensics in the Republic of Kazakhstan”. The project is being implemented by the KAZGUU University with an assistance of British partners – King`s College London, Key Forensic Services, QPA Stategies. In their speeches, deputies stressed a need to replenish human resources and strengthen material and technical equipment of regional laboratories.

Initiatives undertaken by a relevant department to reform the Forensic system, in general, were supported.

According to results of the discussions in Majilis, relevant recommendationsх were adopted.

As part of the Event, an exhibition of modern forensic expert equipment of various fields of application – trasological, gemmological, chemical and biological, was organized; and information boards and video materials on activities of the Center for Forensic Examination were presented.

The Project experts, presented its Booth, answered a number of interested questions from members of the Parliament about work done and results achieved, and forecasts for the future.

Ministry of Justice and World Bank to strengthen forensic services

International Research Conference

On 15 February 2017, KAZGUU University hosted an international research conference “Building a strong state of law in the 21st century: national and international experience”, organised by KAZGUU Research Institute of Legal Policy and Constitutional Law.

The opening speech was given by prof. Sergey Fyodorovich Udartsev, DJS, director of KAZGUU RI of Legal Policy and Constitutional Law; and Miras Mukhtarovich, PhD, deputy Chairman of KAZGUU Board and director of the S. Zimanov Academy of Fundamental and Applied Sciences.

At the end of the conference, participants asked a lot of questions and offered their suggestions.  Particularly noteworthy statements were made by Z. G. Kalisheva, CJS, acting head of the Department of State-Legal Disciplines; and E. L. Babadzhanyan, a PhD student and senior lecturer at the Department of Civil and Civil-Prcedural Law.

A letter of appreciation to Professor T. E. Kaudyrov for training highly qualified specialists in the field of jurisprudence

“GRATA International” Law Firm would like to express their respect and gratitude to Professor T. E. Kaudyrov for the fruitful collaboration in training highly qualified specialists in the field of jurisprudence.

Why constitutional reform is necessary

On 31 January 2017, on the instructions of the Ministry of Education and Science of RK, Professor Sergey Fyodorovich Udartsev, DJS, director of the Research Institute of Legal Policy and Constitutional Legislation, gave a lecture to the students and teachers of KAZGUU University titled “On Constitution and the forthcoming constitutional reform”.

This lecture was part of the clarification and public awareness campaign for the constitutional amendments, proposed by President Nazarbayev, about the redistribution of powers among the branches of government.

New books in the M. S. Narikbayev library

A representative of KAZGUU is included in the Working Group on redistribution of powers in Kazakhstan

Comments on the basic principles of the bill “On Forensic Services” by Professor K. K. Seytenov in the TV programme “The Bill”

The Bill “On Forensic Services”, which has been approved by the Majilis, is at the moment pending approval by the Senate.  The aim of this bill is to raise the level of the forensic services to meet the international accreditation standards.

According to experts, passing this bill will help to strengthen the staff and the infrastructure of the forensic services, create the conditions for establishing the research potential of forensic experts, stimulate further development of the institute of non-governmental (private) forensic services, increase legal protection of the citizens and organisations participating in the legal processes, and raise the prestige of the forensic professionals and their social security.

Implementing these measures will require appropriate legal support, which means that it will be necessary to bring into compliance those legal norms which regulate the activities of forensic service providers.

In his interview to Khabar 24 TV channel, the director of KAZGUU Forensics Institute, Professor, Doctor of Law, K. K. Seytkenov, remarked on the novelty introduced by the bill – the Chamber of Forensic Experts.  The Chamber is a non-commercial, self-financing professional organisation, created in order to protect the rights in legal interests of its members, to coordinate their activities, and to ensure that they operate in accordance with the RK Law on Forensic Services.

The forthcoming work on developing the non-governmental (private) institute of forensic services is planned to be conducted stage-wise, as part of the joint project of the World Bank and the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Strengthening the Forensic Capacity”.  The role of project consultants will be played by a consortium comprised of KAZGUU University; Key Forensic Services Ltd. (KFS), a leading company in forensics; King’s College London (KCL), a major British research university; and consulting companies QPA Strategies Ltd. (London) and Astana Garant Consulting (Astana).

As the head of one of the key components of the project, Professor K. K. Seytenov, in collaboration with other legal experts, is conducting a study of international legal and institutional practices of forensic organisations.  Based on the results of this study, the best practices are planned to be incorporated into the legislation and the system of forensic services in Kazakhstan.

For more details about the Khabar 24 programme, follow the link: 




A comment from Professor S. F. Udartsev, Doctor of Law on the redistribution of authority

An expert opinion on the redistribution of authority: we should not expect a revolution.  Comments on the possible scenarios of the redistribution of authority among the government bodies were given to by the Director of KAZGUU Research Institute of Law Policy and Constitutional Legislature, Professor Sergey Fyodorovich Udartsev, Doctor of Law.

`Strengthening Forensic Capacity` project by the Ministry of Justice and the World Bank supports development of managerial potential

Kazakhstan pays special attention to the development of its human resources potential, and such reforms require properly designed and comprehensive approaches. Realising the need for professional development the country’s Ministry of Justice spearheads the idea of continuous improvement among its staff. For example, during 2014-2016 26 employees of the Center of Forensic Expertise had a chance to undertake year-long custom training at the London School of Economics and Political Science funded by the Bolashak program.

As part of further professional development for these forensic experts and under the umbrella of the Strengthening Forensic Expertise project by the Ministry of Justice and the World Bank, a training seminar titled ‘Development of team values for change agents’ was organised by KAZGUU University.

The main objective of this seminar was enhancement of the managerial potential. Representatives from the Ministry of Justice believe that such training sessions not only allow its staff to grow personally but also provide opportunities to share experiences with colleagues. According to Askar Umbetaliyev, ‘…this training programme gathered together and united managerial staff and expert professionals who are our potential as in the future we expect them to apply their experience at regional offices of the Center of Forensic Expertise…’.   

The participants enjoyed specially developed interactive exercises. The seminar was conducted in two parts: forming a picture of the future, an ideal system of management; and emotional intelligence for further development. The seminar programme was designed and delivered by Gulmira Mukhanova and Aidar Abrayev, academics from KAZGUU’s business school.

Forensic experts from all parts of the country were able to exchange ideas in an informal and engaging atmosphere, discuss current problems, analyse situations they face in their everyday professional life, as well as offer insights and assessments to each other. The participants noted that they found something very relevant and new, and had a chance to meet colleagues and share opinions. It was hoped that this seminar would continue and become a tradition.

At the end of the seminar Yury Bikbaev, Project Leader, emphasized that ‘development of forensic expertise requires continuous professional growth of its experts, and orientation on constant and uninterrupted executive education is one of tools to ensure investment into the country’s prosperity. We are very pleased that our project has an opportunity to support these reforms and help develop forensic experts for future managerial roles. We hope to have more of such opportunities and do more in this area.’

The II International Youth Law Forum has finished at KAZGUU

Poetry recital competition “Independent country – eternal country”

A Poetry recital competition was organised jointly by the Departments of Kazakh and Russian.  The competition was called “Independent country – eternal country” and was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence.  Poetry connoisseurs had an opportunity to assess the skills of the reciters’ skills.  The winners and participants were awarded with certificates and letters of appreciation.

International conference launches forensic capacity strengthening project

5 December 2016: An international scientific and practical conference held at Hilton Garden Inn Astana launched a forensic capacity strengthening project between Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Justice, KAZGUU University with global partners, and the World Bank. Presided by the Minister of Justice the event gathered together representatives from Kazakhstan’s government agencies, academia, private sector and international experts and practitioners.

In his opening address Marat Beketayev, Kazakhstan’s Minister of Justice, emphasized that since the 1st of July this year all types of forensic expertise are under the purview of his ministry and ‘further development of our justice system requires improvement of many different institutions, including the system of forensic expertise. Therefore this conference is dedicated to the practical issues in the forensics, as well as the idea of creating a chamber of private forensic experts.’ The increasing importance of further development of forensic expertise areas, necessity of raising standards and implementing international best practice corresponds with the main objective of the current project.  Designed to last two years, it would seek to examine ways of improving the legislative and regulatory environments, suggesting and piloting operating standards and performance measurements, and training a large number of local experts overseas.

Talgat Narikbayev, Rector of KAZGUU University which serves as the lead consultant to this project, noted that ‘it is the first time a project of such scale and strategic importance is being implemented by the university, which is another acknowledgement of our scientific potential at the highest level. We are pleased to work together with leading institutions in education and expert community as only a systemic and multidimensional approach can ensure objective and reliable results.’  KAZGUU’s international partners include universities, labs and consulting companies such as King’s College London, Key Forensic Services and QPA Strategies, with Astana Garant Consulting serving as a partner in Kazakhstan.

‘It is a great honour to be involved in the modernization of the justice sector in Kazakhstan and lead such a wide scale programme,’ said Yury Bikbaev, Project Leader. ‘The main objective is to build a modern system of forensic expertise based on best international practice and standards, and knowing the vast scale of experience project partners bring together I’m more than sure of a successful and mutually beneficial cooperation.’

Kazakhstan is considering an issue of establishing a chamber of private forensic experts

And it was announced today at International Scientific Practical Conference that is dedicated to improvement of judicial expertise in Kazakhstan by Mr Marat Beketayev Minister of Justice of Kazakhstan.

Participants discussed reaction for a competitive market of forensic services in Kazakhstan and also introduction of phased demonopolization model for forensic work.

Head of Ministry of Justice stressed out that our legal system development requires perfection of different institutions’ activities, including one of forensic expertise.

In the short term, it is planned to consider creation of a private forensic experts chamber in Kazakhstan, as well as to study practical issues of the forensic sphere.

Ongoing work on improving forensic examination institute in Kazakhstan is planned to be carried out step by step. The work is being done as a part of the “Strengthening Forensic Examination” joint project by KAZGUU University and the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan with support of the World Bank. The project involves international experts of educational and legal fields: Key Forensic Services Ltd (KFS), aleading forensic company, King’s College London (KCL), largest public research university, QPA strategies Ltd. and Astana Garant Consulting. The project is designed until 2018.

According to Mr. Zhanat Yeshmahambetov, deputy Minister of Justice of Kazakhstan, up to know all the services in the field of Forensic expertise are available at one place.

“İn 2016 we finished a procedure of all expert functions centralisation in the Ministry of Justice as one expert body. Today it is 29 types of forensic analysis on 55 expert fields that can be received within the Ministry. Currently we work on forensic activities improvement and plan to achieve a level of international standards. İt is necessary when our domestic judicial experts participate in foreign courts”, – said Mr. Yeshmahambetov.

Currently Kazakhstan has 100 private forensic experts do function and having a state license are able to provide expert services. These activities enable an alternative component of the forensic expert activity of state bodies.

The institute of private forensic experts will provide a competitive environment in the field, the ministry is sure

As Mr. Yeshmahambetov has informed, – “Development of an Institute of non-governmental system of judicial activity through creation a Forensic experts Chamber is provided for by the draft Law “On Forensic Expert activities ”, which is currently under consideration in the Parliament”.

In turn, as Mr. Beketaev has noted, an analysis of forensic activities which was conducted by foreign experts will serve as a basis for a new curriculum at KAZGUU University, the largest and leading law school in the country being a partner of the Project at the same time.

Within implementation of the Project it is planned to conduct research in areas of Development and piloting indicators of forensic expertise effectiveness; Modernization of legislative and institutional bases for forensic examination; Improving qualifications of expert personnel, while implementing the Project itself.

Expressive Reading Masters Competition “Tәuelsіz el – Mangilik el” dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Independence

We invite students to take part in the competition of masters of expressive reading “Tәuelsіz el – Mangilik el”, which is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Time: December 7, 2016, at 15:00.

To register, please contact the department of Kazakh and Russian languages (412- Aud.) or reception of the Library.

Contacts of organizers:; tel.70 28 29 (int 1293.); Kamshat.

Presentation of the book «Bolashak Business Cases»

On November 24  there was a presentation of the book «Bolashak Business Cases» at M.S.Narikbayev library, this is the first publication of Kazakhstan’s collection of business cases. The presentation was held by a senior project manager, Corporate University Coordinator of Bolashak Association.

Seminar for the implementation of methodology Agile in thesis project management

On October 13, 2016 KAZGUU University with support of PricewaterhouseCoopers Kazakhstan held a seminar on the implementation of methodology Agile in the management of graduation projects for educational program coordinators, research supervisors and other members of the Scrum-Team.

In the introductory part of the seminar a director of consulting services PwC Kazakhstan Michael Adams revealed the content and value of Agile methodologies in project management. According to Michael, the main advantage of Agile is the ability to quickly respond to changes in practice and high quality results.

In addition, the Deputy Chairman of the Board – Director of the Academy of Fundamental and Applied Sciences named after S. Zimanov Miras Daulenov explained the need for the introduction of Agile methodologies in diploma project management at KAZGUU University. They also explained the basic solutions required for the application in respect of the formation of high-quality theme of the graduation projects portfolio, preparation of technical specifications of the project, the correct determination of quality indicators of the project, the creation of Scrum-teams and organizations Scrum-discussions.

Director of the Higher School of Law Sergey Pen revealed the methodology of preparation of research case studies aimed at developing students’ skills of analytical and critical thinking. At the same time Sergey G. stressed that students need such skills as a condition of formation of the model of a graduate of KAZGUU University.

In the final part of the seminar the faculty was able to ask questions and expressed the need for teamwork in preparation of graduation projects.

Joint meeting of the Public Councils

On September 7, 2016 Professor M. Kogamov, LL.D., Director of the Research Institute of criminal procedure research and counteraction to corruption of KAZGUU University, as a Chairman of the Public Council on the activities of law-enforcement bodies took part and was a co-moderator of a public meeting, i.e. public hearings on the topic: “Gender sensitive public consciousness (the eradication of gender stereotypes)”, “The elimination of gender-based violence”. The event was held jointly with the Public Council of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the hall of the Constitution, the National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In his speech he stressed the importance of gender equality in public life and its positive consequences for all societies and the state. In addition, with respect to Kazakhstan, he singled out both positive and negative factors of the legal and factual conditions of gender equality in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the context of the Strategy for Gender Equality in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2006-2016, as well as international documents of the UN and its Special Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against women.

Read online:

Professor M. Kogamov took the part in a roundtable discussion

In September 2016 Professor M. Kogamov, LL.D., Director of the Research Institute of criminal procedure research and counteraction to corruption of KAZGUU University took part in a roundtable discussion on the theme “Respect for the rights of persons held in detention center and a special receiver of Astana DIA, to personal liberty, access to qualified legal assistance, the right to a meeting”, which was held in the hotel Grand Park Esil, Astana.

Kogamov moderated the event and also made a presentation on the topic: “Recommendations according to the results of analysis of legislation of RK on the rights of persons detained in special receivers and reception centers, to liberty and personal security, access to a lawyer, the right to a meeting”.

The link has the full text of his speech and the individual photo fragments of this event.



The meeting of Academic Methodological Association

On August 31, 2016 Professor M. Kogamov, LL.D., Director of the Research Institute of criminal procedure research and counteraction to corruption of KAZGUU University, attended the joint meeting of the Academic Methodological Association for Law specialties of the MES of Russia and the MES of Kazakhstan, and he was a co-moderator and gave a presentation on important areas for further improvement of the basic functions of the criminal proceedings in Kazakhstan.

The event took place in the hall of the Academic Council of KAZGUU University with the participation of well-known legal scholars of Kazakhstan and Russia.

Below are some photo fragments of this event.

International conference dedicated to the Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Professor M. Kogamov, LL.D., Director of the Research Institute of criminal procedure research and counteraction to corruption of KAZGUU University took part in an international conference.

Professor M. Kogamov, as the moderator of the second panel session of the conference on topic “The constitutional foundations of the criminal policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, at the same time gave a presentation on the topic: “The death penalty and life imprisonment in the context of constitutional law and criminal law cycle.”

In his speech Kogamov cited the results of a study on these two types of criminal punishment.


The first study was conducted on regulatory issues in the existing law of the death penalty as an exceptional measure of punishment under criminal law.

The second research work concerns the study of the existing law in the Republic of Kazakhstan in terms of legal regulation of life imprisonment as a form of criminal punishment.





Professor T.E. Kaudyrov, LL.D., participated in an International Conference “Security and protection of copyright and related rights in the Republic of Kazakhstan: state, issues and perspectives”

On 7-8 July 2016 the director of the Institute of civil research T.E. Kaudyrov participated in the international conference “Security and protection of copyright and related rights in the Republic of Kazakhstan: state, issues and perspectives”. He was a moderator of Session I – “Collective management of property rights of authors, performers and producers of phonograms.” Active research activity of the director of the Institute of civil research T.E. Kaudyrov was awarded the Honorary Diploma of the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan B. Imashev.

Lithuanian experts in the field of forensic inquiry visited Kazakhstan

On June 23, 2016 within the framework of bilateral cooperation Lithuanian experts in the field of forensic inquiry visited Kazakhstan to conclude a memorandum with Kazakh colleagues.  

Kazakhstan and Lithuania continue to strengthen international ties and enhance cooperation, including the field of forensics. Consolidation of efforts and cooperation in the field of forensics aimed at improving the legal profession and improving the quality of the examinations and forensic research.

During the visit, the parties signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Lithuanian Centre for Forensic Inquiry, led by Gabriele Yuodkayte-Granskiene. The document provides for the implementation of joint innovation projects and new technologies aimed at improving crime detection, exchange of experience and knowledge in the field of criminology and forensics.

The Kazakhstani side was represented by the Director of the Research Institute of the Academy of Fundamental and Applied Sciences named after Salyk Zimanov Miras Daulenov, the Director of Distance Learning Center of KAZGUU Omіrbay Kystaubay, the Director of the Institute of Postgraduate Education and International Relations Renata Faizova, the Director of the Higher School of Law Sergey Pen.

Narikbayev Library of KAZGUU held the presentation of the monograph “Legal regulation of economic relations in the EuroAsian Economic Community/EEU”

On 15th June Narikbayev Library of KAZGUU held the presentation of the monograph “Legal regulation of economic relations in the EuroAsian Economic Community/EEU”.

          The book was the result of completed fundamental research on the theme “Challenges and prospects for improving the legal regulation of economic relations in the EurAsEC/EEU.

        A unique publication was prepared by a group of authors, experts in economics, law practice, and representatives of the Eurasian Economic Union:

    Sarah Idrysheva, LL.D., Professor of KAZGUU, Sailaubek Alibekov, Professor of KazUIRWL, Tatiyana Mikhaleva, LL.C., the Republic of Belarus, an advisor of expert-analytical department of the Secretariat of the Eurasian Economic Union Court, Miras Daulenov, PhD (University of Wroclaw).

           The event was opened by the director of Zimanov Academy, Ph.D (University of Wroclaw) Miras Daulenov. In his speech, he expressed his gratitude to the authors, noted the relevance of the theme and the contribution of authors to the theoretical interpretation of the first phase results of the EAEC establishment and their proposals for further improvement of the EAEC countries’ legislation. The work was performed as part of the fundamental research funded by the MES in the period of 2013-2015 in the Research Institute of State and Law of KAZGUU.  

        The book consists of 4 sections. Its first section “The Eurasian Economic Community / Eurasian Economic Union as an international organization” was prepared by M. Daulenov, it reflects the wide range of issues relating to the legal personality, competence of EAEC/EEU, as well as departments and the legal system of the organization.

       International legal regulation of customs unions still remains without attention by, for example, the Kazakh legal science, in spite of the considerable amount of work both in International and Customs Law. The second section of the book written by Kazakh scholar S.T. Alibekova is dedicated to the topic “Customs regulations in EurAsEC/EEU (view from Kazakhstan)”.

        Professor S.K. Idrysheva focused her research on the field of economic, civil, property relations within the framework of the Eurasian Economic Community/EEU, which is reflected in the pages of the monograph.  

       The section of the book “Legal regulation of investments in EurAsEC/ EEU” will cause huge interest in scientists and practitioners, it was written by T. Mihaleva, LL.C, the Republic of Belarus, an advisor of expert-analytical department of the Secretariat of the Eurasian Economic Union Court.

       Addressing the meeting Zh.D.Busurmanov, LL.D., a book reviewer, Professor T.E.Kadyrov, LL.D., director of Research Institute of civil-law research, Professor K.A.Zhirenchin, director of Research Institute of State and Law of KAZGUU, M. Zhumagulov, director of Research Institute of the State Administration Academy under the President of RK and other experts stressed the timeliness of the publication and the need for further research in this area.

Zimanov Academy announces a competition for the best diploma/Master’s thesis

We invite all students and postgraduate students to participate in the competition of the Academy of Fundamental and Applied Sciences named after S.Zimanov.
The Academy announces a competition for the best diploma/Master’s thesis in the following areas:

  1. Legal and police studies;
  2. International law;
  3. Economics;
  4. Finance;
  5. Management and Tourism;
  6. Translation Studies;
  7. Psychology.

Also, a special nomination for the best interdisciplinary project was announced.

The competition will be based on the recommendations of the SBC members, if they support the directors of Higher Schools and / or the director of the Institute of postgraduate education, as well as the Director of the Academy will choose the best work.

The competition is open to projects of undergraduate and master students of both full-time and distance (correspondence) education.

Kaliolla Seytenov was awarded “For Contribution to Forensic Enquiry” in the Russian Federation

Congratulations to the Director of Forensic Enquiry Institute, Professor K Seytenov with another award “For Contribution to Forensic Enquiry” in the Russian Federation. Kaliolla Kabaevich is one of the most authoritative experts in the field of forensic investigation not only in Kazakhstan but also in the CIS countries. Your experience and achievements can not be underestimated, we wish you further victories and achievements in the development of your Institute and science in general.

Call for proposals for KAZGUU students

Zimanov Academy of Basic and Applied Sciences together with the non-governmental organization Penal Reform International announces the official launch of a new project for 2 and 3 year students of all specialties of the University.

Participation in the competition provides the opportunity to attend foreign professors’ lectures, to gain practical skills in project management and also the chance to win an educational trip to Europe.

Applicants should write and send to the organizers the essay on the theme “Reforms and transformation of the prison system in Kazakhstan” in English or Russian (3 p.), and fill in the form below until May 16, 2016:

Registration of participants:

Файл для загрузки эссе

We raise information culture

On the 21st of April at Narikbayev Library, in the hall of electronic resources for the provision of information support of scientific and educational activities of the readers, the regular sessions on the information culture of students of the first year were held.

During the sessions were held: a tour through the halls of the library, training for work with the electronic catalog program IRBIS, the development of skills of independent search for information, familiarity with the external information resources of the library.

The main sections and content, navigation and search tools in the information system IPRbooks were shown during the classes.

A new book about Jewish people

The Narikbayev Library received a new book “Evreiler turaly evreiler tagylymy”, which title arises genuine interest. Its author is a well-known scientist, Doctor of Philosophy, lecturer of KAZGUU University Nurtas Imankul. The book covers the history, culture and traditions of Jewish people. The study put sources such as the Koran, the Torah, the Bible, as well as information about the Jews in the works of J. Ben Shimon, S.M. Dubnov, M. Shapiro and others. For the first time the 613 Jewish commandments (mitzvot), religious concepts, customs, traditions, holidays are described in the Kazakh language, that will allow a better understanding of mentality, national characteristics of the nation and the way they bring up their children.

The publication can be used as a small encyclopedia about the Jews in the Kazakh language. The book opens to readers a lot about the world view and outlook of the people, whose representatives made a great contribution to the development of science, technology, culture and art, left a big mark in the history of mankind. The work will be of interest not only to specialists in the field of social sciences and humanities, but also to a wide range of readers.

The book was published in the “Foliant” publishing house in an edition of 1000 copies.

Casting among students for participation in the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition

International Law Department announces an annual casting for KazGUU students to participate in the Philip C. Jessup International Moot Court Competition in Washington, DC, USA.
Please, submit your application till September, 11, e-mail:, the Head of International Law Department, Dr. Ph.D. M. Daulenov. Please, indicate your surname, name, specialty, course, contact phone number and e-mail address. Application may contain additional information about the applicant (participation in the Olympiads, scientific interests, publications, etc.). Applications submitted after deadline will not be accepted.

Kogamov M.Ch. has become a Chairman of the Public Council under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of RK

February 29, 2016 – Director of KAZGUU University Research Institute of criminal procedure and anti- corruption, Doctor of Laws, Professor Kogamov M.Ch. was elected for the second time as a Chairman of the Public Council under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of RK at the first meeting of newly formed Public Council under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan. KAZGUU University wishes the Council a fruitful work in the implementation of social and control functions.

Bibliographical service on-line


Bibliographical service on-line is a bibliographic consulting service, performing of one-time request of deleted users. While you search for information  available traditional and electronic resources are used. Requests are accepted by e-mail from Monday to Friday during library hours.

Providing services

  • Making inquiries about the available domestic and foreign publications stored in the library.
  • Making thematic inquiries, not involving complex bibliographicsearch. On the topic of the inquiry, references with indication of the source of information is available (up to 10 bibliographic records).
  • Making factual inquiries. On the topic factor-specific data indicating the source of information is available.
  • Providing consultation on information search and processing of bibliographic lists.

The timing of one request: from 2 hours to 2 working days.

We ask You to formulate their requestscorrectly.

Chairman of the Constitutional Council of Kazakhstan handed jubilee medals to KAZGUU legal scholars

August, 29 KAZGUU UNIVERSITY held international scientific and practical conference dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Constitution: unity, stability and prosperity”. The best lawyers of Kazakhstan and experts from Egypt, Germany, Russia, Croatia, Korea, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, and Indonesia met at the conference.

On the eve of the anniversary of the main law of the country Chairman of the Constitutional Council of Kazakhstan Igor Rogov presented commemorative medals to KAZGUU researchers who contributed to the development of legislation of Kazakhstan.

Professor Udartsev S.F. – honorary lawyer of Kazakhstan

August 26, 2015 – by the decision of the Republican Public Association “Republican Union of Lawyers” Doctor of Laws, Professor, Director of KazGUUResearch Institute of Legal Policy and Constitutional law Udartsev Sergey Fedorovich was awarded with the title of “Honorary Lawyer of Kazakhstan”.
Honorary lawyer is a form of encouragement, expression of gratitude, respect and appreciation of legal community for his significant contribution to the strengthening of Kazakhstan statehood, building the legal state, ensuring the rights and freedoms of man and citizen, the development of law science and law education in practice.

 Dear Sergey Fedorovich!

Please accept our sincere congratulations on awarding the honorary title! Undoubtedly, your contribution to the strengthening of law in the country, development of jurisprudence as a science, training of qualified law practitioners and researchers, is invaluable.
We wish you good health, prosperity and further professional success!

                                                                                                The staff of KAZGUU Higher School of Law and the Department of State and law disciplines

KAZGUU completed professional training for Astana criminalists

From March 31 to April 13, 2015 on the basis of the Institute of Forensic Science KazGUU University completed professional training for Astana criminalists.

Deputy head of the Faculty of forensic of Volgograd Academy of the Ministry of Internal affairs of Russia, professor of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Ph.D., associate professor Yarmak V.A. was invited to give qualitative training, as well as teachers and staff of KazGUU Institute of Forensic Science.

In the end all the participants were officially awarded with certificates of attendance and completion of courses.